Star Wars Parody - Paw Warz - Not the Toiz you're looking for - Petody

Star Wars with cute kittens!
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Episode IV- A of the Paw Warz saga, Ol' Bengal Catoby, Duke Mousepouncer, See 3-Meow, and Boop Boop Beep Boop hover into a routine traffic stop with some Poop Scoopers looking for Toiz.

All kittens are rescue kittens from Cats at the Studios. If you wish to adopt please check their website

Director / Editor / Writer - Nicholas Fabiano
Producer / Writer / Actor / Voice Over - Ben Stumpf
Producer / Writer - Matt Pagourgis
Voice Over (Duke) - Antonio Pontarelli
GFX / Editing / Art Director / Writer / Producer - Josh Abramoff
DP - Hai-Lam Pham