PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (WINTER 2016 EDITION) | Skiing & Snowboarding

This weeks People Are Awesome Edition is a winter sports special featuring skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snow kayaking, parkour, snow kiting, snow scooter and much more!

Rich Edwards - Where I'll Be Waiting (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)

0:00 - Snowboarder Has Morning Coffee on the Slopes
0:14 - Longboarding Crew Speed Down Mountain
0:27 - Snowkiting Day
0:28 - Ice Skating Tricks
0:29 - Canadian Acrobatics
0:33 - Two Wheels to Ski
0:37 - Winch Snowboarding
0:44 - Guy Rides Snowskate down Mountain
0:47 - Ice Skater Does Flip on Rockefeller Rink
0:51 - 6 Year Old Snowboarder
0:55 - Frontflip Fridays
1:00 - Guy Rides Snowskate down Mountain
1:06 - Amazing Downhill Ski Jump
1:12 - 6 Year Old Snowboarder
1:16 - Skier Flies off Mountain
1:24 - Skier Glides Across Water then Does Front Flip
1:29 - Skier Does Triple Front Flip Off Ramp
1:38 - Guy Does Tricks on Snowscoot
1:42 - Corgi Skiing
1:50 - Daredevils Soar over Snowy Mountains
1:59 - Snow Kayak
2:05 - Ice Skating Tricks
2:09 - Guy Does Handstand Push-Ups On Top of Car=
2:15 - Canadian Acrobatics
2:26 - Massive Ski Drop
2:38 - Wakeboarding in Icy Waters
2:44 - Two Skiers Do Frontflip on Grass
2:50 - Snowboarder Does Elegant Spins
2:57 - Russian Leg Day
3:29 - Frontflip Fridays
3:32 - Snowscoot Riding
3:34 - Skiing Selfie Stick
3:42 - Frontflip Fridays
3:54 - Epic Downhill
4:09 - Skier Performs Crazy Flip Off Ramp
4:27 - Flips out of Window Like a Superhero
4:31 - Man Skis with Bike
4:33 - Snowkiting Day

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