PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (Summer 2015 Edition)

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Thanks to all the contributors for permission to include their amazing clips!

Sky’s The Limit – Cheer Straps

Massive Varial Kickflip on A Skimboard

Go Seek by Live Unbound

GoPro Gainer off Ponderosa Bridge (Drone Vision)

RT Matalascanas 2010

Endless Roads (with Longboard Girls Crew)

Epic Cliff Jumping Hong Kong

B Boy Jonas Flex Breakdance in Beach

Jay Alvarez in California (Alexis Ren)

The World Can be Your Stadium

World’s Most EPIC Beach Slip N Slide Launch Ramp

Flycaptain – Hoverboard Sunday Experiencing New Tricks

Arizona Trampoline Cliff Jumping (DJI Phantom 2 Drone)

Lakejump Hilterfingen 2012

Fun in the Sun! | Ep. 21 | Gabi Butler Cheer

Extreme Sandboarding New Zealand – Living a Kiwi Life

Crazy 11 Man Pool Dunk

The Most Amazing Cliff Diving Video Ever

Navagio Beach Base Jumps

Chuck Inman & Lauren Oiye Tandem Surfing

Pool Basketball Insane Dunks and Shots

Flyboard Tricks Bonzi Flip in Slow Motion by Damone Rippy & Flycaptain

Flips & Tricks – Fly Away

Trick Shots the Aussie Way – How Ridiculous

Beach Stunts – Gabi Butler Cheer

Barefoot Water Ski Champion of the World Keith St Onge

70m Waterski Jump
Moraira Summer 2013 – Cliff Diving

1 Year Old Snowboarder Returns

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