Metamorphosis | Documentary | Sue Halpern | Robert Jay Lifton | Joshua Rubenstein

A look at the current global climate crisis and adaptation to this profound change.

Change on Earth is inevitable, with life adapting to the long-term changes based on consistency. What climate change has done is not only alter the change at a more rapid pace, but also add the short-term inconsistencies in which it is difficult for some life forms to adapt. Several examples of how climate change has affected life on Earth in what is one connected global ecosystem are presented. Interviewees state not only how the climate change has affected them directly, but how they are dealing with the effects in a practical and/or emotional level. Some also speculate on what the world will have to look like in the future in dealing with the causes of these changes or the effects of these changes.
Featuring a look at the endangered Monarch butterfly.

Director: Nova Ami, Velcrow Ripper
Stars: Sue Halpern, Robert Jay Lifton, Joshua Rubenstein

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