Hilarious Farm Animal Fails (January 2017) | FailArmy

We've got a ton of funny videos from the farm for you. What's your favorite animal? Got any funny videos of your own? Send them over to FailArmy.com!!

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Pig Knocks Photographer to the Ground n/a
Goat Faints after Hitting Plank https://goo.gl/sWu0CN
Girl Gets Attacked by a Rooster https://goo.gl/OzZNxY
Goat Makes Interesting Noise https://goo.gl/AkphU4
Woman Tumbles Off Horse https://goo.gl/jKtSbR
Goat Screams at Woman https://goo.gl/f524rW
Turtle Scares Cows https://goo.gl/iNPyoP
Horse Doesn't Want to be Touched https://goo.gl/f1BDb8
Cow Throws Rider https://goo.gl/xra0WU
Goat Falls Down Ramp https://goo.gl/PDLhQB
Goat Slams Head Into Tire https://goo.gl/uwPcjC
Bunny Humps Chicken https://goo.gl/cyVB29
Horse Plays with Squeaky Toy https://goo.gl/zE0KVD
Rooster Attacks Man Carrying Dog https://goo.gl/bMkx3H
Man Tries to Ride Young Bull https://goo.gl/2OwQiU
Girl Gets Attacked by Chicken https://goo.gl/Ue6JGl
Man Gets Attacked by Stray Goat https://goo.gl/bjojVC
Goat Faints from Fright https://goo.gl/FHZUcT
Goat Head Butts Camera https://goo.gl/KeOXLd
Girl Tries to Jump Over Hurdle With Horse https://goo.gl/2d1Wum
Newborn Horse Falls after Sneezing https://goo.gl/FpvYzl
Llama Spits on Family https://goo.gl/qLvBW9
Horse Lets Rider Fall on Hurdle https://goo.gl/TcybMC
Guy Falls Off Cow https://goo.gl/a5ikmN
Alpacas Fall in Pool https://goo.gl/1Y1em2
Goat Faints and Rolls Over https://goo.gl/h7DxAr
Girl Bucked Off Donkey https://goo.gl/dCTwak
Baby Goat Falls Over https://goo.gl/xRF3Qr
Goat Runs Into Fence https://goo.gl/iEqsHO
Shepherd Gets Attacked by Sheep https://goo.gl/PjwBa1
Chicken Gets in Way of Filming https://goo.gl/Ab2Kh4
Guy Milks Cow For First Time and Receives Surprise Ending https://goo.gl/y3J0A7
Goat Jumps on Table https://goo.gl/6Rysya
Miniature Horse Rolls Over Ball https://goo.gl/XXdsvK
Goat Faints after Ball Thrown at It https://goo.gl/KkBqNl
Woman Gets Chased by Chicken https://goo.gl/8EqqIK

Farm Animal Fails (January 2017) || FailArmy