Recently there was real chaos in my room as I didn’t know how to organize all the stuff I have. If you are in the same situation and the amount of various stuff have reached dangerously high levels, keep calm and watch our video. I share a lot of amazing tips on how to organize wardrobe, how to make various storage items in no time and more! If you have a lot of shoes and shoe boxes, you can turn boxes into a shoe rack. It’s a cheap way to organize all your shoes. Do you have a lot of makeup and beauty products? I have a perfect idea! You can create a spinning cosmetic organizer using baking trays, plastic boxes and glass gems. Check out a brilliant way to reuse a yogurt cup and reduce the amount of waste. You can organize your drawer with underwear using these plastic cups. Find a tutorial in a video! I love the next idea as it’s the best way to store jewelry. All you need is a picture frame and wine corks. Find the tutorial in our video. Besides, you can make different organizers for cosmetics, shoes, clothes from cardboard boxes. Upcycled cereal boxes and make desk organizers out of cereal boxes. Glue 3 boxes together and cover with decorative paper. It will be a cool organizer for stationery and notebooks. One more quick idea to make a stationery organizer from empty toilet paper rolls. Take a shoebox and glue wrapping paper of the color you like. Using a hot glue gun, place inside empty toilet rolls and glue them and wrap in any fabric you like. DIY under bed rolling storage drawers is the best way to store items if you don't have enough space in your room. Besides, it would be a perfect replacement for a dresser to store clothes. All you need is to attach six storage boxes (depending on the size of under bed) using hot glue and let the glue set. Next, attach caster wheels and ready!

00:09 DIY Shoe rack
02:19 Cardboard organizers
04:26 How to reuse cereal boxes
08:44 Jewelry organizer
09:11 DIY under bed rolling storage drawers

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