39 LAZY GIRL BEAUTY HACKS || Makeup Tricks, DIY Beauty Ideas And Fails


Today we share life hacks that we’ve tested to reveal the truth if they work or not. We found a lifehack on how to plump your lips using a hairspray and hairdryer. We tested this lifehack and it doesn’t work! The next beauty idea helps to get rid of dark circles using the combination of the toothpaste and tomatoes. It doesn’t work! Have you ever tried to make a mascara from oreo? Don’t do that as it won’t work! If you are looking for an idea of how to make your breasts look bigger without spending a lot of money on push up bra, you can wear three bras.
Moreover, we prepared lifehacks that all the men will love as they ease love and helps to save a lot of money. You will find cool tips on how to easily style your hair using a vacuum cleaner; find out how to curl the end of your mustache using a lash curler; use aloe gel to style your hair. Check out a cheap way to whiten teeth – mix baking soda and toothpaste. Apply for five minutes and rinse. Find a full tutorial! Skin irritation usually appears after shaving and leads to itchy bumps. We share an easy beauty trick to get rid of irritation - use cucumber slices. Cucumber restores and soothes the skin. Do you need to quickly get rid of bruises? You can cure bruises using mouthwash. If you are out of shaving foam, you can replace it with ivory soap. Microwave it and use it instead of shaving foam.
As a bonus, you will find a hilarious compilation about beauty problems all the girls can relate to. How many hours have you spent to find a perfect tone of lipstick? Long nails look fabulous but are very hard even to flush a toilet.

00:09 Viral hacks tested
01:28 Beauty hacks for men
02:01 Surprising use of a lash curler
02:12 Cheap way to whiten your teeth
04:42 Beauty fails

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