Check out a lot of cheap and cool phone cases you can make by your hands:
-Reuse drinking straws to make a colorful phone case. Follow these easy steps: cut drinking straws and place them on parchment and cover with another sheet of parchment paper. Iron for several seconds. Watch the video till the end to find the end of this tutorial
-This phone case idea is my favorite. You will need a clear phone case, 8 of 10 clear drinking straws. Using scissors cut drinking straws to match the size of your phone case. Next, take pliers and lighter to seal straw. Melt the straws from one side as you can see in our tutorial. After that mix water with food coloring and using syringe fill the straws. Don’t forget to leave some space in straws. When the straws are ready, glue one by one straw to the phone case
-Do you love emojis? Find out a cute phone case idea. You will learn how to make emojis using foam. You won’t believe how easy the tutorial is!
-Make a stress reliever phone case. The tutorial is incredibly easy: take your plastic phone case and make a circle using a hot glue gun, let dry and cover with white nail polish. Next, take a balloon, cut half and insert a slime. After that glue the balloon in the center of the circle
-One more cool idea is to use a fluid painting technique to create a cool print on a phone case. You will need nail polish (2-3 colors) and hairdryer
-Marble print is very popular this autumn. Draw black lines on your clear phone case. Next, take a brush and soak it in rubbing alcohol. Cover the phone case with a layer of rubbing alcohol and wait a bit. The result will be incredible!

00:09 Reuse drinking straws
01:18 Stress reliever phone case
02:09 Phone case with emojis
04:24 Cool phone case for girls
06:46 Clever gadget hacks

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