29 CLEVER BATHROOM HACKS || Smart Solutions For Any Kind Of Problems


This time we prepared a collection of bathroom life hacks that will teach you how to speed up a cleaning routine, organize cleaning tools in the bathroom and make your bathroom a very comfortable place. You can easily clean a showerhead using vinegar. Take a plastic bag, pour water inside and add some vinegar. Next, place showerhead inside the plastic bag with vinegar and leave for 20 minutes. Coke is not only a delicious drink, but also you can use it to clean a toilet. You will be surprised by the result! We know how to unclog your drain using soda and vinegar. It’s a very inexpensive way unclog your drain! The next lifehack will surprise you! You can easily clean metal surfaces using ketchup. Sounds crazy? Yes, but it’s not a joke. Apply a layer of ketchup on a stainless-steel surface and let sit for 30 minutes. After that remove the ketchup using a cloth. Have you ever seen a toothpaste dispenser? Make it at home, it’s a very cheap a cool solution. You will need an empty and clean bottle from liquid soap.

Do not throw away your old t-shirt, cut it and make a bathroom mat that will look so cool. Besides, it will save you a budget! We know a perfect lifehack how to organize your beauty products in the bathroom. Besides, it looks so cool. If you don’t have a shower cap, you can replace it with a simple plastic bag. Attach a magnetic strip to the wall in your bathroom to store bobby pins and other small metal items. Check out a beautiful way to fold and store towels in your bathroom.

00:31 DIY Towel wrap
01:23 How to store newspapers in a toilet
02:48 How to organize your bathroom
03:23 How to reuse your old t-shirts
05:38 Magnetic strip hack
07:27 How to clean a toilet

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