No matter what kind of a party you love – outdoor or indoor, we prepared a cool collection for an awesome party. Let’s start from decorations ideas. Balloons are the best decoration items because they are very cheap and you can create a fairy atmosphere easily. Firstly, you need to choose the party theme and the colors you love. Everything depends on your imagination and taste. You can make bubble balloons that look so cool! The main idea of these balloons is to put a smaller balloon inside a big one. You will need chopsticks and 2 balloons (the small one and the bigger one). Insert one end of a chopstick into a smaller balloon. After that carefully insert a small balloon with chopstick inside the larger one. Remove the chopstick and inflate smaller balloon firstly. After that inflate the bigger one and knot both balloons. Moreover, you can create different decorative elements and toys out of balloons such as flowers, animals, hearts and a lot more. Did you know that balloons have more than one function? Yes, we have a surprising idea – freeze balloons with water inside to keep your drinks cold for the whole evening. Besides, you can choose any color that will suit the theme of your party.
If you want to buy a disco ball, don’t do that! Watch our video and make it with your own hands. Find old CDs you don’t need anymore and cut them in small squares using scissors. Take a clear ornament ball and stick squares to the ball using a hot glue gun.
As a bonus, you will find a lot of watermelon lifehacks: how to quickly cut and serve a watermelon in a surprising way, watermelon no-bake cake and Cola watermelon dessert.

00:23 Clever way to warm up pizza
00:35 Bubble balloons
02:22 Watermelon party ideas
02:25 Cola watermelon
04:00 Watermelon bomb
07:44 DIY Disco ball

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